About Chimera Oncology (Expediting drug discovery)
At Chimera, we are dedicated to providing customized and innovative services for refining cancer treatment through the research and development of the potential therapies, which attacks pivotal cancer targets.
Our professional team of doctors, veterinary and scientific researchers have commitment to ensure that we provide accurate and valuable studies on cancer therapy. Our comprehensive services provide end-to-end services on developing strategic and customized solutions for cancer therapy; therefore, we assist our customers in solving problems including cancer research, validation of drug efficacy, discovery of therapeutic target and development of mouse models, which helps them cutting costs, improving accuracy and accelerating the translational science.
Our services

  • Cell viability & Adhesion assays 
  • Migration/ invasion assays 
  • Metabolism 
  • In vivo assays by IVIS 
  • Colony formation & sphere formation assays 
  • ALDH activity assay 
  • Chemotherapeutic resistance assay 
  • Tumorigenicity assays

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